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    Water Damage
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    Mold Remediation
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    Fire Damage
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Reactic Restoration San Carlos

We are Reactic Restoration and we live up to our name.

We make sure to help property owners in Bay Area’s Silicon Valley to restore and maintain their homes and businesses from water, fire and mold damages 24/7. Our mold removal, water and fire restoration experts can help you recover from this incident through our first-rate solutions. You have nothing to worry about as we provide high-quality fire and water restoration services and exceptional customer care. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we now offer COVID-19 sanitation

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Floods, leaks, or water intrusion are detrimental to your home or business. Fast response is crucial in order to protect your structure – if dry out and the cleanup process does not start immediately, the following damages may occur:

  • Wood floors start to buckle
  • Sheetrock and plaster walls start to crumble
  • Mold and mold spores start to grow
  • Paint and vinyl floors start to peel off.

Insurance companies are more likely to pay for the job if you acted fast. Reactic Restoration has a team of water damage restoration experts that can get the job done quickly & efficiently. Regardless of your water damage restoration needs, our technicians will work together to make sure that everything in your home or business will get back to normal.


House or commercial fire can create chaos not only to your property but also in your life. Even after the fire, you are left with fire and smoke damage. Worse, there’s water everywhere. Really, fire damage is huge. Therefore, you need our experts to provide fire damage restoration. You can count on our knowledge, skills, expertise, and most up-to-date equipment to deliver an excellent job.


After a fire, you have to deal with smoke and odor removal. Do you think it is impossible to remove the odor and smoke stain everywhere? With the appropriate tools combined with our skills and expertise, the job would be easier. It’s even safer because we use environment-friendly materials when we do clean-up and smoke and odor removal services in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, in the heart of Silicon Valley. After the project, everything is clean and organized and you can breathe clearly and start fresh.


Do you have mold issues around your home or office? Eliminate molds right this instant. Contact us at Reactic Restoration. Our project manager will first arrive to asses the damage and will determine the necessary scope. Our expert technicians will leave your home or business environment clean and good for your health.


Our job as experts in mold remediation and fire and water damage restoration is not limited. We also do disaster and emergency clean-up. After a heavy storm, fire or flood, we know you are in dire need of help to get everything back to where it was. If you would call for professionals to do the demolition and board-up services or disaster clean-up, trust us to restore your home or business.


Because it’s still pandemic, you have to make sure that your home and/or business is COVID-19-free. Allow us to do COVID-19 sanitation, following the strict protocols set forth by our national franchise, as well as by the IICRC and CDC. Contact Reactic Restoration. We service homes and businesses in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

When you need a reliable team to help you, whether it is a burst pipe, extreme weather, flooding, mold growth, sewage backup, or fire and smoke issues, you can count on us to be there immediately. We make use of the latest technology and tools so we can provide the best mold remediation fire and water restoration services in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties – San Francisco Bay Area’s Silicon Valley. Our highly experienced technicians, including our customer service staff, have undergone extensive training. They are IICRC certified.  Hence, they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Our technicians wear full protective gear to ensure their safety and protection, as well as our customers. We also follow proper waste disposal. Suits, rags, gloves, and other items we use are bagged and sealed and hauled away. Learn more About Us.

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San Carlos Reactic Restoration services include:

Reactic Restoration has the permission of all the major insurance firms across the country to carry out assessments, Remediation and manage projects arising from any type of damage in San Carlos & the entire Silicon Valley

We cover the following zip codes :
94070, 94071

So the next time you have need of any Restoration or Cleaning services in San Carlos & the entire Silicon Valley, just contact us here at Reactic Restoration 24/7 and we will be there to help you.