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Water Damage Repair & Mold Removal Services in Garland, Texas

Reactic Restoration is licensed by the TDLR license number: RCO1567

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Reactic Restoration Garland – Mold Removal & Water Damage Restoration

Restoration is an essential factor when a property encounters various types of damage. Whether it’s water damage, sewage damage, mold growth, and others. Identifying the types of house damage and its causes is necessary to address the solution adequately.

The process of restoring a property involves returning it to its original condition. For example, the restoration process may include repairing holes in walls, and old fixtures, replacing old fixtures with replicas of the original, removing old carpet, and refinishing wood floors.

Restoration is unquestionably the most excellent option if you desire to restore your home to its previous state. However, you must understand that some cannot fully repair, and you should nevertheless be prepared to perform remodeling and renovations.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can bring severe problems to its occupants and property. It requires immediate attention. Cleaning up and returning to its original structure may be challenging for homeowners.

Many homeowners and landlords are concerned about several causes of water damage. While you may be able to perform certain repairs on your own, others may necessitate the assistance of trained professional, Reactic Restoration Services of Garland, Texas.

Reactic Restoration Services Garland, Texas, will help you with preventative action to ensure no further harm occurs. First, a thorough damage evaluation is necessary to develop a suitable strategy. Next, experts must determine the extent of the damage.

It entails locating and shutting off the water supply. Shutting off the water source should come first before the drying process starts. Water damage restoration may take up to a week, depending on the severity of the damage.

The team at Reactic Restoration ensures that the correct steps will take during the restoration process. Thus, it provides the timely completion of the procedure.


Mold Removal and Remediation

Even with modest amounts of water, mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. Therefore, you may need more time to be aware of structural issues caused by water damage. In addition, mold can cause severe health issues if not immediately removed or resolved.

The first step to preventing further damage is addressing the root cause, and calling an expert is smart. The team at Reactic Restoration are expert at mold removal and remediation. Permanent mold-free is feasible when you believe in the team’s knowledge and expertise.

Stachybotrys Chartarum, sometimes known as black mold, manifests as dark green or black patches. It thrives on cellulose-rich, damp surfaces like gypsum board, drywall, and fiberboard. Black mold thrives in previously flooded homes, around leaky pipes, and in other places where there has been water damage.

Black mold is particularly attracted to dampness. As a result, it can jeopardize your health. In addition, it can show symptoms that can lead to respiratory problems and, in the case of people with underlying medical conditions, result in pneumonia.

It is, therefore, imperative to take action as soon as possible to remove black mold. Always consult Reactic Restoration if you want the best mold treatment and a prompt, workable solution for your home’s black mold.


Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage is among the most severe types of property damage. In addition, it is among the hardest to repair. The various types of fire include electrical fires, spontaneous chemical and combustion reactions, and oil and gas fires.

Moreover, smoke causes further damage to already damaged homes during all of this. Cleaning up after a house fire and assessing smoke damage may be overwhelming. However, with the assistance of professionals, they can repair the fire and smoke damage.

Significant fume damage is one of Reactic Restoration’s concerns. It is because of how it can impact a home and the health of the occupants. Our professional technician will clean the smoke damage in your house to prevent the effects of the smoke from becoming permanent.

Understanding the several types of smoke damage can be helpful. These include wet, protein, fuel, and dry smoke. However, Reactic Restoration experts are best suited to handle these types of smoke.

Moreover, the team follows the public health department’s guidance on adequately disposing of fire ash. The use of protective equipment, such as masks, is essential. To guarantee that debris does not interfere with your breathing, the staff will damp it down so that dust is not in the air.

Sewage Damage

The homeowner should know that it requires immediate action for any property damage and risk to human health caused by water damage. Regardless of the classification of the water’s hue (clear, brown, or black), it indeed contains dangerous chemical and biological contaminants.

Sewage damage can occur in any fixture that drains the water, such as toilets, tubs, and showers. Therefore, the Reactic Restoration specialist should consult as quickly as possible. It is crucial that a professional with the necessary gear and training deal with sewage leaks.

For the restoration to be complete, all surfaces that came into contact with the blackwater or sewage must be cleaned and dried. Since it is considered a Category 3 water damage emergency, remediation efforts are vital. In addition, due to the characteristics of sewage, it has the potential to almost instantly result in grave health hazards.

Moreover, it is essential to take all the necessary precautions and call-in professionals to clean up the sewage in the shortest amount of time possible. Therefore, the sewage cleanup specialists from Reactic Restoration have all advantages to complete the work as swiftly as possible.

Crawl Space

Typically, there are three water sources in crawl spaces, which worries many property owners. These include plumbing leaks, dampness, and seepage from the exterior soil, frequently following an extreme downpour.


Your optimum option for getting rid of water under the house will differ depending on whether you only have a few puddles or ample crawl space: a pump, vac, powerful fans, and a dehumidifier are necessary for crawl space water removal.

Installing a sump pump, erecting a vapor barrier, and adjusting the grade surrounding your home are all effective methods of waterproofing and moisture control for your crawl space. Additionally, it is always best to hire a professional restoration or cleanup service for extensive water or mold damage. You can get advice from Reactic Restoration and consider measures to avoid future moisture buildup.

Moisture Control

A home’s humidity level is directly proportional to its average air temperature. Therefore, as the air temperature decreases, it can store less moisture. That is why liquid water gathers on an excellent surface when the temperature drops.

Excess moisture also leads to water damage. High humidity or steam from cooking or showering both contribute to condensation. As a result, the higher moisture content will create moisture damage to some materials leading to mold growth.

Water like this can foster the expansion of biological contaminants. However, it is possible to determine the amount of moisture present using a Moisture Measurement Device, commonly known as MMD. Being said that, in the Reactic Restoration Services Garland, Texas, you can be sure to use proper equipment to determine and resolve all water damage problems.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is standard in many households in the United States. As a result, many may be familiar with the insulation concept but need help evaluating its performance. In addition, it is challenging to determine when the repair is necessary to avoid significant financial loss.

Attic insulation damage may cause by various factors, such as water damage. Taking off the insulation from an attic is a tedious and potentially messy task. Reactic Restoration experts will complete this task more quickly and effectively.

It is crucial to remove the damaged insulation to prevent the spread of germs and other toxins through the air. In addition, mold and other structural issues. Inefficiency and higher energy costs might also result from broken or tampered insulation in a property.

The Reactic Restoration specialist will begin the removal procedure once the area is complete with the preparation. The team has the proper tools and equipment to restore your attic, like powerful suction.


One of the expected final stages for water damage restoration is the reconstruction or construction of a new foundation and infrastructure. Moisture testing is necessary to confirm dryness which is often the last phase in the repair process.

Then it will be followed by reconstruction services to rebuild the destroyed structure. It may comprise anything from electrical and plumbing to drywall and finishing touches. Again, restoring your home is easier with the assistance of a firm that offers comprehensive services, Reactic Restoration Services Garland, Texas.

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All of our solutions are carried out with the maximum treatment when it comes to your health and safety, and with regard to the surroundings.

So the next time you’re looking for any damage restoration providers such as mold remediation, water removal fire damage restoration within the Garland area, just contact us here at Reactic Restoration, and we will be there to support you right away.

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Reactic Restoration is licensed by the TDLR license number: RCO1567

Our Garland Damage clean-up solutions include:

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  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Crawl Space repair
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • Visual Mold Inspection
  • Mold Decontamination
  • Smoke Damage Clean Up
  • Packing
  • Repair
  • Pet Odor Decontamination
  • Grow house clean up
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