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Reactic Restoration Of Oakland

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24/7 Emergency Services Faster To Any Size Disaster | Highly Trained Technicians

Reactic Restoration Oakland

Don’t wait! The earlier you get a professional to remove water from leaks or floods and to eliminate dangerous mold the quicker it will take to completely rid your property of mold and treat the water damage. Reactic Restoration in Oakland works 24/7 so give us a call and we’ll send someone over to get things moving as quickly as possible.

Our highly trained team of professional water restoration technicians is able to provide assistance for any type of water-related disaster. We provide emergency assistance around the clock. We always send out a team immediately because we know that the faster we start working this will limit the damage to your properties and you will have less damage to treat, which also means that the treatment will be cheaper than if left untreated for a long.

The moment you notice any water damage or signs of mold give Reactic Restoration a call. Our trusted technicians will help you with any of the following problems.

Water Damage

Water Removal – Reactic Restoration has all the equipment needed to remove water from your building; whether you have a leak, a washing machine malfunction or a flood.

Water Remediation – once all the water has been removed our technicians can help you with remediation, including cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and repairing any structural damage caused by water.

Water Damage Recovery – water damage usually happens very quickly and unexpectedly. Reactic Restoration can help with the entire process, including recovery of the property that has been damaged, to its prior condition, in the best and fastest manner possible.

It is important to remember that water damage is the cause of mold, and damage that isn’t caught or treated in time will result in mold. Have our technicians inspect your property for mold after they complete water removal and remediation treatment.



Sewage removal – sewage backups are common causes of sewage water damage to buildings. Blocked wastewater pipes cause sewage water to overflow from pipes into your premises through the plumbing system. This will cause extensive damage to your property. Sewage water contains bacteria which is hazardous to your health. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have the sewage water removed as quickly as possible.

Sewage Cleanup – due to the dangerous nature of this work, sewage cleanup should be taken care of quickly by professionals, using special equipment and emphasizing safety. Our team of experts will get the job done.

Reactic Restoration has a team of highly trained technicians who take care of sewage water removal and cleanup. They work with all the necessary safety equipment while removing harmful contaminants from the property, as quickly as possible, in order to protect the property and the people who reside or work there. Our teams have plenty of experience with providing these services and restoring Oakland properties to their former states.

Crawl Space Services

Crawl Space Insulation – is your home cold? Do you need to insulate your crawl space? Call in the experts for crawl space repair.

Reactic Restoration provides a range of crawl space insulation services. We work with different types of insulation materials and do insulation inspections.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – What exactly is a vapor barrier? It is a high-density material (usually a sheet of plastic or foil, sometimes it is a paint-like coating) that is used as a barrier to prevent water vapor from moving from one area of your crawl space to another, in order to prevent mold, rot, odors or bugs.

Attic Insulation

Attic cleaning should be a breeze. Typically speaking it’s usually an extra storage space you have in your house. DIY attic clean-up should take only a few hours but you’d be surprised to know that the insulation that helps homeowners have installed maintain or reduce heat in their attic actually attracts unwelcome guests, such as rodents, birds, or critters. That’s because the insulation is typically made of materials that these creatures like. Sooner or later you’ll need insulation replacement which normally doesn’t become an option without any initial reason. The next thing you know, you’ll see droppings and you’ll be forced to disinfect your attic.

Fire Damage Restoration

If you have experienced a fire on your property you will need to have it treated for fire, smoke and water damage.

Fire damage restoration should not be postponed. Get a professional company to take care of your home or business as soon as possible to prevent smoke damage from spreading. The quicker you start the easier it is to combat the fire damage.

Hiring professionals to take care of fire damage is important, both because they have the equipment and experience to get the job done fast, and because they also know how to work safely in buildings that have undergone fire damage.

Mold Services

Mold Remediation – if you have an area of over 10 square feet (about 3 feet by 3 feet) that has been affected with mold, it’s best to bring in a mold remediation specialist, who is licensed to do this sort of work, has the desirable experience and of course the equipment, including safety equipment.

Mold removal – Reactic Restoration has the equipment necessary to remove all types of molds and pathogens from your property.


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Reactic Restoration Oakland

We cover the following zip codes :
94601 , 94602 , 94603 , 94604 , 94605 , 94606 , 94607 , 94609 , 94610 , 94611 , 94612 , 94613 , 94614 , 94615 , 94617 , 94618 , 94619 , 94621 , 94622 , 94623

All of our solutions are carried out with the maximum treatment when it comes to your health and safety, and with regard to the surroundings.
So the next time you’re looking for any damage restoration providers such as mold remediation, water removal fire damage restoration within the Oakland area, just contact us here at Reactic Restoration, and we will be there to support you right away.

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Our Oakland Damage clean up solutions include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Flood Damage
  • Flood clean up
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Crawl Space repair
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • Mold Decontamination
  • Black Mold Sanitation
  • Smoke Damage Clean Up
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Packing
  • Repair
  • Pet Odor Decontamination
  • Grow house clean up
  • Commercial HVAC cleaning
  • AC Cleaning
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Roof Tarping

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