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Moisture Control

Moisture Control

By Reactic Restoration Specialists

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No More Moisture Control Problems With Reactic Restoration

Reactic Restoration offers its expert moisture control services to homeowners in the Bay Area. Our team of experienced experts is standing by to deal with your moisture issue and provide you with peace of mind.

Why Choose Reactic Restoration?

  • We cover the whole Bay Area.
  • The Reactic Restoration team has the experience to deal with all types of property damage, including moisture control problems.
  • Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to detect and deal with moisture control problems.
  • We will send a team out to evaluate your home in the Bay Area, including your crawl space and carry out preventive maintenance.
Moisture Control

Crawl Space Moisture Control

 What is a crawl space, anyway? A crawl space is a type of low basement that is constructed under homes that do not have enough room for a person to stand, hence the name – crawl space.  The advantage of having a crawl space under your home is that the house is not situated directly on the ground, which can cause problems in damp areas).  Also, the house’s plumbing can run through the crawl space, and therefore it is easier to access and service.

Unfortunately, crawl spaces come with a few disadvantages as well, as you can expect from a small, dark place under the house.

Crawl Space Moisture Control Solutions

 Prevention is better than cure. That is why if possible it’s always better to waterproof a crawl space before it becomes damp, to keep the moisture out. naming our solutions and procedure: remove excess water, digging trenches to channel water to A sump pump which we install, and then installing drainage matt and vapor barrier.

The Reactic Restoration team has the expertise and know-how needed to prepare your crawl space and make sure that it is waterproofed. The team will also install a dehumidifier which will make sure that the air in the crawl space is moisture-free.

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Moisture Control

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At Reactic Restoration we are always happy to hear from our customers.  If you have any questions related to our work or would like to have us come over and evaluate your home in the Bay Area, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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