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Reactic Restoration Newark

When facing the Elements man does not always win, let alone man’s creations. Nature’s force can wipe out entire cities in a blink of an eye as it can tear down man’s creation over extended periods of time. When their property ends up subjected to fire damages, water damages, mold, and other afflictions, people usually turn to professionals to get things back to the way they were.
Our extensive experience in professionally dealing with all kinds of damages and restoring properties to their former glories is what makes Reactic Restoration first choice for some many Newark residents. Reactic Restoration is Newark’s leading restoration company, offering a wide range of professional restoration services. Our trained staff is extremely experienced and has practically dealt with every possible restoration situation. Our expert technicians offer 24/7 service as well as emergency service. Being an IICRC member we strive to deliver our customer the best possible solutions. We offer not only professional restoration solutions, but rather peace of mind that’s derived by knowing you’re in good hands.
Our call center is staffed 24/7 and will always be available to receive your call and send a team your way.

Reactic Restoration’s expertise and solutions – restoring your property to its former glory
Taking care of damages is what we do. Water damages, for example, can be anywhere and everywhere throughout the house, being an inconvenience at best and posing actual danger at worst. Fire damages can render a house practically unusable. Our well trained professional crews are experienced in resolving such matters and getting properties back to their original state as if nothing had ever happened.

Water damage restoration

Some people may mistakenly think that water damages are just something they have to live with. They believe that the stains, malodor, and other inconveniences can not be avoided. However, with Reactic Restoration, this is not the case. Our professional water damages restoration teams specialize in drying sites afflicted by water damages and in salvaging whatever can be saved. Our superb equipment and comprehensive experience enable us to effectively take care of any water damage situation.

Mold testing

Mold is never a welcomed guest. Besides being unsightly and unpleasant to the nose, mold can actually be dangerous, especially when dealing with toxic mold. Our expert technicians will gladly provide you with mold testing services, telling you whether you have mold in your house, where exactly is that mold, what type of mold you’re dealing with, and the like. This will make resolving the matter much easier and quicker.

Fire damage repair

Fire is a cruel force. Not only does it endanger lives but it also leaves its mark on the sites in which it takes place. Using a site damaged by fire without restoring it first is nearly impossible. However, for fire damage restoration experts, taking care of such situations is like a walk in the park. Our expert technicians will do everything in their power to restore your property and to eliminate all signs of fire damages.

Chimney cleaning

Chimneys are hard to get to. You almost never clean them, in spite of the fact that they house dirt and filth. Professional chimney cleaning services can resolve this matter for you easily and quickly.

COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitization

Our IICRC certified technicians are properly trained in handling decontamination and sanitation of facilities from Airborne pathogens such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We offer preventative cleaning and biohazard decontamination services in a range of industries.
We are here now as we have been for years to help the Newark community through this crisis safely.

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Reactic Restoration Newark

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Our professional technicians are fully geared with the best equipment available. Their profound experience and state of the art equipment are what makes them so effective in handling a wide range of damages and restoration needs. Over our many years of experience we have developed a wide range of services and solutions to meet your every need.

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