Our Mold Remediation Work in Mill Valley

The customer called us and describe that she can see some black spot next to the baseboard in the living room area. Reactic Restoration conduct local mold remediation. All contaminated items were placed in bags for disposal. Once the materials removed, the exposed studs were sanded, sanitized and disinfected. During the entire process air scrubbers used to filter and recycle the air inside the containment area, under negative air. Dehumidifier used to dry the cavities. The containment areas received a sanitation wipe down and HEPA vacuumed, to ensure the removal of bacteria and spores.

Mold Containment

mold Containment 1

Mold Containment 2

mold Containment 3

mold Containment from Inside 1

mold Containment from Inside 2

mold Containment from Inside 3

mold Containment from Inside 4

Mold Affected corner

Mold Affected corner 1

Mold Affected corner 2

Mold Affected corner 3

Mold Affected corner 4