Crawl Space work

Reactic Restoration provides a number of home restoration services. One of those is crawl space work. Your crawl space in your home is the area between the walls, particularly between the walls and the ground. It’s a small space where there is room to crawl around (hence the name), and it’s used to keep the air flowing and to provide access to plumbing, walls, and the like. Having a crawl space is helpful for any sort of home restoration or product installation because it gives the service provider more space to work with.

We at Reactic Restoration provide crawl space work to keep your crawl space well cared for. We make sure that it is properly cleaned and that no insects or small creatures find their way into the crawl space. Additionally we will prevent rot by removing excess moisture and keeping it well ventilated. This will not only prevent flooding and mold growth but also help pipes to not freeze or rust. It’ll keep your home more fresh and airy. We can also turn your crawl space into something more efficient by putting in concrete or a crawl space vapor barrier with a polyethylene sheet to protect it.

crawl space 1


crawl space 2

After :

crawl space 4