Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning & Sanitization

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning & Sanitization

The ongoing rise of Coronavirus is concerning for everyone, but particularly those with a compromised immune system, existing respiratory conditions, and vulnerable senior citizens. We’ve all been bombarded with worrying news by the media, and the realization we are dealing with a global emergency unlike anything we’ve seen in our times.

However, there are a number of recommended strategies for helping to reduce the rate at which the virus is passed from one person to another. We can all play a part in reducing the Coronavirus’s spread and mitigating the danger it presents.

Proper hygiene and thorough sanitization are critical. Yet you can only do so much yourself, especially at larger sites, and supplies are increasingly difficult to come by in local stores and supermarkets.

Reactic Restoration has launched a new, comprehensive sanitization service for property owners, property managers, business owners, and households. We’re available 24/7, for your convenience.

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Approved Disinfectants and Quality Safety Equipment

Reactic Restoration’s expert team is here to sanitize domestic and commercial properties of all sizes. This service is intended to help reduce the risk of germs spreading throughout a house, educational environment, or workplace, with a goal to help individuals in businesses, organizations, institutions, and homes.

To do this, our experienced, highly-trained experts only use disinfectants approved by both the EPA and CDC. This gives you, the customer, peace of mind that only recognized disinfectants are applied to your property.

These have been chosen for their efficiency, and all staff are equipped with the right gear to apply them safely.

Our team will be happy to discuss our corona sanitizing service in detail. We’ll answer your questions and address any concerns you may have before we send a member of the Reactic Restoration team to your property.

The Latest Equipment for Service of the Highest Standard

The threat of the Novel coronavirus can be difficult to deal with, but Reactic Restoration is committed to doing the best we can with the tools at hand.

Our corona sanitization service is subject to the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and preparation. This empowers our specialists to do the job with as little risk of infection to themselves as possible, and to ensure they do all they can to help reduce the presence of the virus in your property.

Any member of the team sent to your property for corona sanitization carries the required face masks, disposal equipment, detergents, disposable PPE, and much more. We follow the CDC’s guidelines for safety and efficiency.

Equipment is checked closely before use, and consistent training keeps staff updated on required safety measures. You want to feel reassured that you’ve called the best for your corona sanitization, and with Reactic Restoration, you will.

Facing the Challenges of a New Virus

Reactic Restoration has built a reputation for excellence on its dedication to delivering professional, reliable services to local communities. And while our new corona sanitization service is one of the most challenging we’ve added to our portfolio, we want to reassure customers that we bring to it the commitment, passion, and professionalism you expect.

We will discuss your property with you before sending one of our experts out to perform our corona sanitization. This helps us to recognize and define the requirements to do the job to our full capabilities. A risk assessment is crucial to identify the dangers and the best procedure to follow.

We’ll use any information you give us about your site to provide our specialists with the essential safety equipment and sanitization goods. We’ll arrive prepared for your property’s size and scale.

Surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly following proper procedures, making the most of our tools and disinfectants. Any items that may be contaminated will be handled as required, and if disposal is deemed necessary, this will be done with the same diligence.

Corona Sanitization from a Certified Organization

Reactic Restoration is proud to be Diamond Certified. We have attained high customer-satisfaction rates and earned client loyalty through exceptional service.

We have worked hard to achieve this recognition, and work hard consistently to retain it. And this applies to our corona sanitization service, too: our team-members understand the level of risk this virus poses, and the standard of performance our customers expect.

Working with a certified organization means you need to expect nothing less than service of the highest quality. We’re here to do the best job we can in every situation.

Fair Pricing on All Corona Sanitization

At Reactic Restoration, our pricing policy has always been built on honesty and fairness. As we want our services to be available to entire communities, we keep our costs as competitive as we can.

This is true of our corona sanitization service too. All pricing is reasonable and affordable for property owners on varied budgets.

Want to learn more about Reactic Restoration’s corona sanitization service? Just get in touch with your local experts now.