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Reactic Restoration Brentwood

At Reactic Restoration, we specialize in all manner of water damage and fire damage services, including water damage restoration, black mold removal, smoke damage cleanup, and furnace cleaning, With years of experience in providing homeowners and business owners with the finesse professional services, we have what it takes to clean or restore any damages you incurred. Each and every member of our trained staff is licensed in the field of emergency services, and Reactic Restoration is a member of the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration).

Reactic Restoration is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. No matter what the day of the week or the hour, we’ll be here to answer your call and send out a team of licensed water damage or fire damage experts. It is important, however, that you call us the second you notice that there’s a problem, for water damage grows worse by the minute, drenching your floors and carpets and spreading dangerous mold. The best way to avoid these hazards, all of which can lead to property damage and health problems, is to call Reactic Restoration for a

Water Damage Restoration

If your home or property begins to fill up with, say, rainwater, it will be just a matter of minutes before mold spores begin to spread on your walls and in your carpets and furniture. Mold is a major health hazard, and it can cause rashes, migraine headaches, and, most dangerous of all, respiratory illness. The sooner you act in response to water damage, the easier it will be to deal with mold and other water-related damage. Using our state-of-the-art water extraction equipment and pumps, we’ll remove the water from every surface of your property.

Black Mold Removal

The most dangerous form of mold is black mold, which is actually black-green in color. If you notice this type of mold on any of your surfaces, call Reactic Restoration immediately. So toxic is this type of mold that even brief exposure to it can lead to serious respiratory illness. In fact, studies show that exposure to black mold can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Reactic Restoration will use professional black mold removal equipment to remove every speck of mold from your surfaces, after which we’ll also sanitize and dehumidify the affected area.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

In addition to our water damage Brentwood services, we also offer the best fire damage services, among them smoke damage cleanup. If your home or business property has been damaged by smoke, let us help you put the misfortune behind you with the best smoke damage clean up service in Brentwood. Using our fire damage equipment, we’ll remove the smell, soot, and grime from your property.

Furnace Cleaning

Did you know that it’s crucial that you have your furnace professionally cleaned at least once a year? Left to accumulate, the dust and debris will create friction, a possible fire hazard. Call us now for a furnace cleaning service and we’ll thoroughly clean the furnace’s vents, blower assembly, and filters.

COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitization

Our IICRC certified technicians are properly trained in handling decontamination and sanitation of facilities from Airborne pathogens such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We offer preventative cleaning and biohazard decontamination services in a range of industries.
We are here now as we have been for years to help the Brentwood community through this crisis safely.

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Reactic Restoration Brentwood

Reactic Restoration Expertise & Solutions
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Our services in Brentwood include the following 24/7 services:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Removal
  • Flood Damage
  • sewage removal
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Crawl Space repair
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • Black Mold Inspection
  • Air & Surface Sample
  • Mold Remediation
  • Black Mold Decontamination
  • Flood Clean Up
  • Smoke Damage Clean Up
  • Pressure Wash
  • Packing
  • Reconstruction
  • Bad Odor Removal
  • Marijuana Grow house Removal
  • HVAC cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Glass Board Ups

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