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Why Does Water Damage Wood?

Why Does Water Damage Wood?

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Water can cause the wood to rot, weaken, fall apart, and allow the formation of mold to grow. It can also cost you a lot of money to restore. Water damage can result from a wide variety of things. It can be the result of a faulty pipe, clogged sink, broken washing machine hose, and insulation problems that are not visible to the eye. You should always pay attention to any signs of water damage inside your home, and notify a professional restoration technician immediately. The longer the water sinks into the wood, the greater chances of black mold spreading throughout your home. Black mold can leave drastic health consequences to everyone inside your home.

Why Does Water Damage Wood?

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Reactic Restoration - Why Does Water Damage Wood?

Water Damage Tips

You should keep your house dry at all times, so that moisture does not set in and damage the wood on the furniture. You should not attempt to fix any damage that has appears to have mold stains. If water damage is really bad, you can break it apart with your hands or chip it apart with your finger. This means that it will have to be thrown out and replaced with new wood. You should never keep any furniture or floor tiles that have been greatly damaged by water, as you can pave the way for mold to accumulate. A professional water restoration company might be able to save your floors and furniture, depending on the severity of the damage, and duration of time elapsed between the incident.
The chances are that you don’t have the right equipment to safely clean the water damaged floors or tiling. A professional water restoration company will have large fans to dry the flooring, and safety equipment to drain all excess water from your home. Although you can rent these items, it will wind up costing you a lot more money. A good technician will not only save you the extra money, but also provide you with the right safety measures. They can also improve the overall quality of air circulating inside your home, so it’s always best to call the pro’s!
Why Does Water Damage Wood?
Why Does Water Damage Wood?

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At Reactic Restoration, we specialize in drywalling and excess water damage removal. We can have your home looking brand new in no time! We work with an all-star team of specialists that cover the entire San Francisco area, and stay on call 24/7. We use the most environmentally-safe industrial equipment, and provide you with the best quality services. Make sure you keep our number stored in your phone for emergencies. Pick up the phone today, and let us help restore your home!

Atar Barkai is a property damage mitigation expert. As the CEO of Reactic Restoration he oversees all operations and growth, pioneering the newest and best solutions in the industry. He has overseen projects of over $30 million of property damage losses through the years and uses this experience every day at work to assure Reactic Restoration utilizes the most efficient and reality-proven methods to restore properties. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the science behind thedrying procedure and building structures, gained through numerous educational and hands-on experiences, helps Reactic Restoration to complete projects in a timely manner with minimal secondary damage. He also believes Reactic Restoration’s customer-oriented business practices have been important aspects of its success and follows and implements this approach of humbleness in his personal life as well.

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