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Smoke Removal and Cleaning

Smoke Removal and Cleaning

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Smoke damage can destroy valuable objects and pollute the air. The most severe type of smoke damage is fire damage. Many houses and car fires occur, and smoke odor is a severe case. However, it is a challenge to eliminate the smoke odor. Several procedures must take to eradicate the odor of fire smoke from a property. In some instances, smoke damage removal could require the assistance of specialists.

Find out what our specialists at Reactic Restoration can do to clean and make your home free from smoke damage. It is crucial to understand how a professional cleaning service can fix the smoke damage in your home. Therefore, smoke removal and cleaning must take priority.

Smoke Removal and Cleaning

Have You Ever Experienced Smoke Damage?

Many homes are at risk of destruction because of smoke damage. Whether the outcome of a full-blown house fire or a minor fire, Smoke damage is a severe health danger. You may experience headaches or nausea due to the odor of Smoke.

The Smoke contaminates dwellings, and the odor remains because tiny particles adhere to walls, furniture, carpets, and clothing. The removal of a smoke odor requires time, effort, and money. Even if you cannot detect smoke damage, you must contact a smoke restoration company to completely clean and sterilize the entire home.

What Are the Common Types of Smoke Damage?

Depending on the type of damage, the repair procedure may change slightly. There are four common types of smoke damage:

  • Dry Smoke
  • Protein Smoke
  • Oil Smoke
  • Wet Smoke

Common Health Risks Related to Smoke Damage

Smoke contains harmful particles that can be inhaled and settle deep within the lungs. It is hazardous for the elderly and young children, and others. As a result of inhaling Smoke, a person may feel:

  • Coughing
  • Scratchy throat
  • Runny nose
  • Chest pain
  • Asthma attack
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stinging eyes
  • Fast heartbeat

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Reactic Restoration - Smoke Removal and Cleaning

Can Smoke Damage Be Removed?

Smoke is unpleasant and offensive. They also contain particles that restrict occupants’ ability to breathe. As a result, it necessitates time and consideration. But can severe smoke damage be repaired? Yes, it is possible!

Many say ventilation can help, but it doesn’t eliminate the smell. You may also have read about many DIY cleaning up and Smoke removal. It may all be helpful. However, to eliminate the smell, you must eliminate the problem. To get rid of the smelly smoke molecules that are still up, you might need to rent an ozone generator or pay a professional to run one.

Reactic Restoration can assist and help you when it comes to smoke damage. Experts from Reactic Restoration provide water damage repair, mold removal, and fire damage restoration services around the clock in the San Francisco area.

What Can You Do to Remove Smoke and Clean Up?

You can start the cleanup and smoke removal of your property initially. Not to mention that you already have the supplies or resources at home. The helpful cleaning tool is crucial for eradicating smoke damage, so do not ignore it. But first, here are some crucial pointers before we gather all the materials.

  • Using TSP or Tri-Sodium Phosphate products for fabrics can help eliminate the Smoke odor. But remember, TSP is corrosive, so use caution! Also, be mindful always to read the product label.
  • Using a detergent, Tri-sodium phosphate, and chlorine with warm water can help you clean the walls, furniture, and floors with a Smoke odor.
  • Wash dishes, silverware, and other cookware with soap, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly before polishing.
  • To reduce the amount of dust you breathe, wet the debris down.
  • Observe the public health recommendations for using masks and cleaning up fire ash safely.
  • Call a specialist! A fire or Smoke restoration company will help you eliminate the Smoke problems. They will also assist and provide honest recommendations to resolve the Smoke problems.

Typical materials that you need for Smoke removal and cleanup:

  • Rubbing alcohol or paint thinner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Goggles or Mask to Protect Eyes and Lungs
  • Vinegar
  • Degreasers like TSP or commercial soot remover
  • Smoke Vacuum, ideally a strong shop-vac with an upholstery attachment
  • Bucket or hot water
  • Chemical Dry-cleaning sponge
  • Clean rags
  • Sponge
  • Fan

Knowing what smoke damage looks like is crucial for getting rid of Smoke appropriately. You must be able to determine which areas of your house have suffered smoke damage before you can clean it up. Ensure that you know how to identify these types of Smoke problems.

You can find it in locations far from the actual site of the fire, making even a small fire risk for significant smoke damage. There are several ways to identify smoke damage, including Blackened or Soot-Streaked areas, Black Dust, and Discolored Paint.

Smoke Removal and Cleaning
Smoke Removal and Cleaning

Reactic Restoration Effective Ways to Get Rid of Smoke Damage

What are the things experts can do? If you run a business that cleans up after fires and Smoke, you know how important it is to have the right tools. Whether working on a big fire restoration project or getting rid of tobacco smoke from home, using the right tools and chemicals can make the difference between success and less-than-satisfactory results. For effective cleanup, you must know first what kind of smoke damage you have.

The Reactic Restoration team has specific and effective ways to help property owner resolve their Smoke issue. These are the steps in the process:

  1. Inspection and Assessment
  2. Set up special equipment to remove contaminated air
  3. Removal and cleaning of Smoke and soot from content, textile, and furniture
  4. Removal and cleaning of Smoke and soot from all surfaces such as walls and floors
  5. Final cleaning- Ozone, Smoke Sealer application

We understand the possible worst-case scenario is to replace everything that the fire and Smoke ruined. You may need to place a high cost for everything. But when the damage is severe, it is required. The sooner you call a professional after a fire, the less probable it is that it will require a complete replacement.

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