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🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?

🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?

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Wildfires are devastating on numerous levels.

First and foremost, there is the tragic loss of life among wildlife, civilians, and first responders. More than 40 lives were lost during the recent California wildfires, while billions of dollars’ worth of property damage was caused. At least 245,000 acres of land were burned, across Napa, Lake, Mendocino, and other areas,

Secondly, even if homes and businesses are not destroyed during a wildfire’s rampant spreading, they may still suffer extensive damage as a result. The flames may devour properties and destroy their foundations, while smoke is an obvious side-effect; both pose a very real risk to humans and animals alike, and are strong enough to damage properties too.

🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?

What Damage May Be Caused?

Flames and smoke from wildfires can affect the following areas of the home or business property, including:

  • Fabrics (carpets, rugs, clothes, upholstery) may become discolored
  • Furniture can be damaged, depending on the material used
  • Walls may become damaged by heat transfers
  • Windows can become discolored or warp
  • Plants and soil may become harmed or contaminated by smoke
  • Concrete can crack because of dehydration or prolonged heat-exposure
  • Roofs may become damaged by burning embers drifting from nearby flames

Even if you manage to escape the wildfires and their smoke, returning to your home or business only to find it severely damaged by flames can be incredibly upsetting.

Wildfires may destroy premises you have built yourself or invested a lot of money into, or at least render them unsafe. Smoke can get inside and render your personal belongings and décor unrecognizable.

Fortunately, you can consult experts who are able to make your property safe and habitable again (depending on the extent of the damage caused). At Reactic Restoration, we offer:

  • Expert property fire damage restoration
  • Fire cleaning
  • Immediate boarding-up (for security and to prevent further damage from the elements)
  • Removing smoke and soot from surfaces throughout the property

The best way to minimize destruction caused by wildfires’ flames and smoke is to take fast action. Calling experts in to help as soon as your area is confirmed safe to return to is the first step.

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Reactic Restoration - 🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?

Fire and soot residue will start to settle onto your property immediately, and any discoloration of porous materials tends to be permanent. However, we can effectively clean other surfaces, removing any discoloration that has occurred.

Acidic soot can stain various different surfaces quickly if not treated in time. Within hours, all of the property’s surfaces and rooms will start to show the effects of being exposed to smoke and nearby flames. Wooden surfaces and furnishings may need to be refinished, and metal will start to rust and / or corrode.

Smoke will also start to turn walls bearing paint yellow, and clothes exposed will likely carry permanent stains. If you stay away from your home for weeks, the damage will have had longer to set in, and the restoration process is likely to take longer. Calling experts in to begin fire and smoke restoration in as soon as you possibly can will help to reduce the amount of time required to get things to a habitable level (if this is possible).

Taking the Right Precautions

If you find yourself in an area which may become affected by a wildfire and / or its smoke, it may be tempting to stay in your property to combat damage. However, it’s vital to remember that your safety, and those of your loved ones and pets, has to come first.

Take any essentials you may need and leave the property together, taking the safest route possible. Depending on the wildfire’s path, your home or business may well avoid the worst of it, enabling you to move back in in only a few days.

However, regardless of the amount of damage you believe your home or business site may suffer, you can take certain steps to reduce the effects. Some of them may be more obvious than others, but they can all contribute:

  • Move any combustible objects or materials away from the outside of the property; anything which may ignite or be flammable only adds to the danger posed.
  • Keep every window and door shut, to combat smoke and soot penetrating the property as much as you can.
  • Be sure that any external furniture is either covered or moved inside, to try to stop them becoming damaged; outdoor furniture can contribute to the overall cost of replacing goods.
  • Avoid throwing damaged items away, as some may be able to be repaired or cleaned.
  • Switch off your air conditioning systems.

Reactic Restoration uses eco-friendly cleaning machinery in our fire and smoke restoration work, such as deodorizing organic tools especially made for these jobs, as well as ozone generators. We endeavor to work around the clock to achieve the best results for your property, restoring it to a habitable condition.

The recent wildfires have reminded the world (if any reminders were needed) that such natural events can be incredibly costly to combat, considering lost lives, destroyed habitat, and money. For people who live and work in area at risk of wildfires, taking whatever steps you can to reduce the impact they have on your property is key.

However, there are only so many precautions you can take. Wildfires leave their mark on properties of all kinds, of all sizes, whether burning them to the ground or inflicting smoke damage. Provided they are still safe to enter and undertake work upon, houses and business properties can be improved through fire and smoke restoration services.

If your home or business premises has been damaged by fire and / or smoke, you can trust Reactic Restoration to help put things right. Our team is experienced using the latest equipment and working around the clock, in properties of all kinds. Our eco-friendly working methods are kind to the environment too.

You can call us in emergency situations on 1-888-989-0Reactic Restoration, and we’ll do whatever we can!

🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?
🔥 Wildfire and Smoke Damage: How Do They Affect Your Home?

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If the area is large, or if you’re not sure you have or can get to all of the mold, get professional help. You should also seek assistance if you have cleaned an area and find the mold is coming back as it either means the issue was not completely resolved or that the mold is hidden in a place that will need professional attention to access.

Atar Barkai is a property damage mitigation expert. As the CEO of Reactic Restoration he oversees all operations and growth, pioneering the newest and best solutions in the industry. He has overseen projects of over $30 million of property damage losses through the years and uses this experience every day at work to assure Reactic Restoration utilizes the most efficient and reality-proven methods to restore properties. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the science behind thedrying procedure and building structures, gained through numerous educational and hands-on experiences, helps Reactic Restoration to complete projects in a timely manner with minimal secondary damage. He also believes Reactic Restoration’s customer-oriented business practices have been important aspects of its success and follows and implements this approach of humbleness in his personal life as well.

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