AARON'S remediation work in Vallejo

After inspection and finding visual mold in different area, Reactic Restoration conduct local mold remediation.

The entire work area was contained by 6 mil plastic sheet, as containment barrier with zipper door.

During the entire process air scrubbers were used to filter and recycle the air inside the containment area, under negative air filtration.

Industrial dehumidifiers were used to dry all surfaces.

The affected drywall was removed and disposed.

All surfaces in the work area got an anti microbial sanitation wipe down.

All surfaces in the work area were HEPA vacuumed to ensure the removal of Bacteria and mold spores.

The remediated area got clearance by third party and the rebuilt procedure start right after the clearance results.

aaron - mold.

aaron job 1

aaron job 2

aaron job 3

aaron job 4

aaron job 5